Thursday, January 03, 2013

In My Life.....

-----The next couple of weeks will be include a lot of desk organizing. I always have a lot of projects going and we are getting ready to officially homeschool (toddler) pre-school our Little One.
-----Toying with an inexpensive bouquet idea that I came across. I will post pictures of my experimenting once I start. :-)
-----I would like to find a bunch of egg cups at thrift stores. Next year (2014), I went to make votives using egg shells that are cracked open at the top.

This was my first addition to my Amazon wishlist in 2013.
-----A friend explained the "Solemnity of Mary" to me. More on this later.
-----I found an awesome idea for a non-chocolate part of Little One's Advent next year....using a mini-muffin pan (24 cups) as a countdown calendar.  This is a great re-purpose for all of the junk promotional magnets I get. Plus, it is a new, there is plenty of time for me to collect 24 special little items. :-)
-----Unbeknownst to Husband (who doesn't read my blog), I will be completing the Love Dare from the movie "Fireproof" nine times this year. I have been practicing on Day 1-"Not Complaining" for a while now.

Things I was greatful for yesterday:
~ ~ ~ We had a Pirates of the Caribbean marathon. Movies 1-3. This was Husband's idea for what movie we should watch...more than 1 was a pleasant surprise. I was happy that Husband wanted to watch a movie with us two days in a row. We had visitors last week and Little One voted we watch "Iron Man"....a tiny voice saying "Iron Man is good." We watched Iron Man yesterday and Little One paid attention to some of the parts where Iron Man was in action and the music at the end.
~ ~ ~ Doggie behaved pretty well. She is getting used to being back at our house and we are retraining her on a few things.
~ ~ ~ Husband shared an excellent German chocolate with almonds. I will have to find out what it was called. It was so smooth.
~ ~ ~ Little One has been working through gelt. Is learning to identify both JFK and George Washington (part of how G.W. is identified is the ponytail).
~ ~ ~ We got Little One a drum set for Christmas and we are slowly phasing in the pieces. Likes the little stool so much.
~ ~ ~ Little One put 37 cents in piggie bank. This is exciting when you are a toddler. I am thinking a Melissa & Doug puzzle from the consignment store is the next piggy bank purchase.
~ ~ ~ Little One has decided to look for toys that accidentally went under the couch by using the light from a light saber or Thor hammer. Has also figured out that the light saber can sometimes be used to get the toys out from under places where they are stuck.
~ ~ ~ Frozen yogurt made by putting it outside. :-) I was particularly grateful for blueberry yogurt as I am glad when I can get anti-oxidants from any amount of blueberries.
~ ~ ~ A nail that is in the perfect place over my desk to hold the little pouch my Chinese medicine balls are in.
~ ~ ~ I haven't been too tired to unload the dishwasher.
~ ~ ~ Getting the idea to look for recipes that use chianti...and the further idea to hunt for recipes that use chianti in a slow cooker. The first recipe I found was Chianti Marinated Beef Stew.
~ ~ ~ A relative sent me a Facebook friend request. :-)
~ ~ ~ A friend sent me an article entitled "88 Simple New Year's Resolutions that Sneakily Change Your Life." There is a lot to read about and I am slowly working through them. The first thing suggested is "I will hone my talents/skills/unique abilities." This year I want to improve as a editor/writer, amateur photographer,home cook, mother and wife. :-)
~ ~ ~ A friend who is inspiring me to attempt writing a Gratefulness List every day for the rest of this year.
~ ~ ~ Yet another friend invited me to a group where we will support each other's health and fitness goals.
~ ~ ~ Little One and Husband both falling asleep while enjoying a cover of "The Sounds of Silence." Ashton Nyte's voice reminds me of the late Peter Steele.


Annie said...

Love dare? I'll have to see if that is listed anywhere online.

Annie said...

P.S. - I found them all online at KLOVE.


It is really neat. You should see Fireproof.

Amy said...

Awesome blog! Spouse and I read Love Dare together. Way to go on the o complaining you mentioned. Hope you like the health support group. I love it! I enjoyed the article you shared in blog but also set to me on facebook. Oh, I am excited for you about homeschooling preschool. If you want any help just let me know, I might still have some of my teaching stuff. Love ya friend!


Thank you for being such a positive person in our lives. I would love reading homeschooling stuff for any age. We are not being real formal right now just intensifying the learning activities we offer. As you know, Little One is very chatty and very smart...this will be so much fun for all. :-)

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