Sunday, January 06, 2013

Easy blogging.....shredded.

Never get attached to anything on Blogger. They apparently no longer support my template...and all the other templates are simple or decorated in a way that just does not suit my writing style. When I apply much-needed color changes to the sidebar they will never take effect (even if I code them by hand).

So, who needs titles for their sidebar??
I guess.
That will be my first step. Going through and seeing how much I can work without titles.

Then trying to code back some sort of title and changing the sidebar text color by EACH sidebar section.

I thought about finding and downloading the Minima Stretch template but all my customizations would be lost.

What a fun (sarcasm) lesson in patience.
My monitor will make it through this in one piece.
My monitor will make it through this in one piece.


Hevel said...

Their constant messing with support for certain templates was one thing that made me give up on blogger. :( After they messed up the way the background was handled for widgetozed areas I just had to find a platform that let me do what I wanted to.


I really like this, I am going to work with it as long as I can. I don't really want to switch platforms as I appreciate my large audience of lurkers. I am hoping to wait it out. It's seems it is always something with Blogger since the Google takeover. Sigh.

Anonymous said...

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