Friday, January 11, 2013

In My Life.....

-----I found a recipe for Blackberry Hot Toddy. Colorful and different.
-----Why put a dog in a martini glass and take a picture? Why? I get the play on words of "teeny"...but, WHY? There should have been a no dogs or martini glasses were harmed in the making of this photo disclaimer.

Things I am grateful for today:
-----Little One is still resting longer either from the colds we have or a growth spurt. He went to bed early last night. The doggies did not wake him up.
-----We were up early this morning and Husband was doing stuff outside with a, Doggie 1 was roaming all over making moaning noises and friend's doggie was under the Christmas tree moaning and moving it around. Thankful that there was no story to tell of the tree that fell down due to Doggie Separation Anxiety.
-----Pizza rolls. Some days that kind of thing just hits the spot.
-----Husband got to have corn dogs with brown mustard. This makes him happy sometimes.
-----Corgis jumping on couches. It is comical because they are not really tall enough but always manage (some times with more comedy than usual).
-----Friends found a better living situation. I hope this goes well for them. On a comical-gratefulness-note, I am thankful that another friend is able to start them out with a supply of toilet paper. :-)
-----We are starting a Bible Study with friends. :-)
-----Little One got some old Veggie Tales VCR tapes today. My VCR was damaged by a leaky basement but we have a lead on where to get a VCR for about 5-8 dollars (thrift store). I have some movies that I would actually rather watch on VHS.
-----It is a happy thing to see a friend of ours preparing things for when she has grandchildren. There are none conceived yet but one child is recently married and one will be married this year. It is nice to see this kind of hope. (Yes, her children are looking forward to having children.)
-----We get to see a good friend tomorrow.
-----Someone said Little One is bright. This happens often...but is always a happy thing to hear.
-----We are definitely going to visiting my Mother in February...though it will not be financially an easy juggle. My Mother is very ill right now (Stage 4 Breast Cancer).
-----A friend said that we need to go to a "Joseph Company" conference. This is for Christians that want to start small businesses. (It sounds like the perfect thing but there are no dates this year that work. I am hoping that something can work out here...or I guess next year.)
-----A friend may have found a person who makes her happy.

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