Saturday, December 08, 2012

Peeves of All Kinds.....

-----Annoying, Ongoing Peeve: I have to be honest...though I know it is not good to rock the boat when you are in it. The customer service at Crowdtap has been horrible so far! They just ignore you no matter how you try to contact them. It is ridiculous to be a part of a program and not have the hold on "verifications" waived when it is the holiday season, I am clearly a real person and I have earned the points necessary for a gift certificate. $10 off would really help my friend to be able to send her Mother flowers at Christmas. This is so disappointing.
-----Pet Peeve: People who are never in anything that qualifies as a real relationship but, when they suddenly have the fortune to be in one, start broadcasting details of their intimate times on Facebook. It is easy to see why some people get broken up with over and over.
-----Pet Peeve: Trying to contact Blogger about any issue...almost impossible. The template editor is not working. I would like to make my sidebar titles a more readable color soon.
-----Big Peeve: Resources that don't get used. Right now I am cleaning and working out an inventory system in my mind for things that each of us has hanging in the closets so that things don't get forgotten and relegated to non-use.
-----Disgusting Peeve: Tartare. I will not be trying a recipe for Salmon Tartare with Avocado and Mango.
-----Pet Peeve: Spammers on Pinterest. Worse yet, spammers who pretend to be offering things like medical help...and some of these are actually on Pinterest. I particularly deplore the spammers that stay within the rules just enough that they will never be caught or they will never be removed if they are reported-the "companies" that employ full-time spammers.

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