Saturday, December 15, 2012

Mass Shootings and the Blame Game

The shooter in Connecticut had some really nice guns...a Sig Sauer is sometimes said to be better than a Glock (and both were among the arsenal). If his mother had survived (vs. being shot dead with her own gun), the media and society would be questioning severely how this young man got access to the guns. Perhaps, since he was not a minor, his mother thought he was fully capable of being a safe person to access these firearms? If his mother had survived, would we be talking about her legal responsibility and/or parenting? As it is, the media will definitely be talking about Aspberger's and perhaps being "one of the goths."

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Thomas said...

People in general are always trying to Explain, Rationalize, Understand.

I'm fine with Not Knowing. I don't have to invent an explanation just to make myself feel better- because really, there are a lot of things that will never, ever make any sense.

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