Friday, December 07, 2012

In My Life.....

What a busy day yesterday...
-----A friend took me and Husband to run many errands. We went to 7 places and through several towns!
-----Little One got to help wrap presents and see Christmas tree lights put up while being babysat. During the evening Little One had a rock from Little One's rock collection and a piece of wrapping paper and was wrapping it over and over.
-----We picked up Husband's new boots that had to be ordered so they were a brand that would last longer. They actually cost us about $35 less then we would normally pay when a pair wears out...including the nice surprise of finding that about $12 was dropped as it was a shopping cart charge that the company uses for those who actually get them online. Worth the drive. :-)
-----Husband opened a package that a visiting friend drove up a while back. A present from Husband's parents....a couple of t-shirts and a few other clothing items I didn't see (probably socks), some crackers and sausage and a slow cooker recipe book by Joanna White that Husband is having me read through.

-----We did a lot of grocery shopping...including Little One's St. Nicholas box. We do not teach that St. Nicholas himself actually delivers the gifts. We just put emphasis on the fact that St. Nicholas was a kind man who did many nice things for others while he was alive. The gifts come from Mommy and Daddy. Little One gave everyone in the room some pretty carnations that I bought and then everyone donated them back to put in a bouquet for the living room table...that was the kindness that Little One did this year. Little One was very excited to open own present-Nesquick strawberry milk mix (has never tasted this before),jello snacks that have strawberry jello/pineapple/bananas,the new Cinnamon Goldfish-shaped breads and a Dora the Explorer toothbrush. As Little One gets older, we will emphasize anonymous kind deeds (the kind that St. Nicholas did stated were all possible through God).
-----We picked up a duckling for Christmas Day. Husband is very good at scoring duck so that it cooks perfectly and this has been our family tradition for a few holidays.
-----Husband put together a pizza...pita dough, some sort of brown slightly sweet sauce, mozzarella and pepperoni. Yummy. A friend has a ton of this sauce and I NEED to find out what it is. :-)
-----Ate popcorn and watched Men in Black 3 with friends. Our friend had a free Redbox code.
-----Our normal Christmas tree is in storage. Little One is helping to decorate the tree of friends and then we are borrowing a tree to do a bunch of handmade paper ornaments this year.
-----Black Hungarian Pepper seeds and Purple Jalapeno seeds came yesterday from Seeds Direct. These each stay their respective colors until ripe. I am hoping they do well.
----A Harris Seeds and a Gardner's Supply catalog came yesterday. The Gardner's Supply catalog was for Holiday 2012 and I am finding a lot of pretty ideas in it.

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