Monday, December 17, 2012

I like recipes that include bourbon.

-----Brown-Sugar Bourbon Ice Cream. I am really excited about this recipe for when we get an ice cream maker.
-----Bourbon, Nutella and Chocolate Mousse. I will skip that almond or walnut garnish.

-----Brown Sugar-Bourbon Bundt.
~ ~ ~ 12 servings.
~ ~ ~ Garnish suggestions were candied oranges and magnolia leaves...I would think of leaves but not of magnolia...hmmm.
~ ~ ~ Like the poster of this recipe, I want to use a bundt cake pan that will add beautiful shape to the finished product. :-) If I use a standard pan, I might experiment a lot with garnishes or putting homemade sauces over the top.
~ ~ ~ I have not worked with vanilla bean paste yet. I don't know where to buy it here. From my understanding, it can be expensive.
~ ~ ~ Judging by the comments, I will have to be careful to retain moisture in this. It looks like the kind of cake where it is a delicate balance like that.

-----Southern Storm Cloud. Cocktail recipe that uses bourbon instead of dark rum (like a "Dark and Stormy").
-----Brown Sugar Bourbon Sparkler

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