Sunday, December 02, 2012

In My Life.....

-----I am trying to figure out what it means when a person's political views are "Utopian."
-----We are carving a pumpkin today. Little One is very excited for Daddy to do the carving. Yes, I know it is December....but I found this great pumpkin at a local farm. Little One painted a styrofoam pumpkin at Halloween.
-----I started a Pinterest board for my "Multiple Meat Thanksgiving" next year. Now I just need to start tossing ideas on.
-----After a lot of thinking about it, I stepped down from two editing jobs that are just not right for me right now.
-----Made the Garlic Chicken Spaghetti with my friend last night. Everyone said it tasted good. It was so much better than our last attempt at a similar dish (TOO tomato-based) and reminded me a bit of my favorite Chinese restaurant's Kung Pao Chicken. This will definitely be a dish that we repeat again. I will report details of alterations,etc. at some point. :-)
-----I need to find some simple Christmas songs to teach our toddler. An online friend is doing "30 Days of Christmas Movies"...maybe we should do a different fun song each day up until Christmas. :-)
-----Husband thinks we can go to see Les Mis! Our friend is excited about going,too. I pulled up the text on Project Gutenburg and I am going to give reading it entirely another try.
-----Doggie came home yesterday. :-) Our friend, who was kind enough to drive Doggie back from being doggie-sat, is going to be able to visit again before Christmas. :-)
-----I am starting to participate in "Hate Free Friday." It is on Twitter and has a website.


Amy said...

I don't usually comment, but I just wanted to let you know that I enjoy reading your blog. =o)


Thank you. I really enjoyed looking at your Homemaker blog recently....inspiring.

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