Saturday, December 01, 2012

In My Life.....

-----I am hoping to see Les Mis as part of my Christmas. It is a very sentimental thing for me.I don't know what date it comes out. It would make me very happy to see it.
-----I am not sure about buying Husband Kraken for Christmas. I wanted to make an apple cider with it as something festive but it is currently more than we want to pay here (and for a smaller bottle than would go around for both cooking and enjoying). I will keep trying to find a suitable present on a budget. Sigh.
-----We are modest about the presents at Christmas. Last year, Little One got an activity table and a dinosaur alphabet toy from us (we do not do Santa). This year, Little One is getting an age-appropriate drum set that we couldn't find last year. Little One will also be getting some stocking stuffers at our house (last year they were done at grandparents)...a Thor hammer to go with a costume that we got at 90% off a while back,an Iron Man t-shirt with pants and a bit of candy. Our friend is getting Little One a guinea pig and we currently have a "practice guinea pig."
-----We are starting out the holiday season for our family today. Our Doggie is coming back home from being doggie-sat and a good family friend is coming to visit for the weekend...Little One is so excited.
-----I don't know what to make our friend for dinner. I am think a spaghetti with a homemade pasta sauce. It depends on what everyone else feels about this idea. Hmmm. I would try Garlic Chicken Spaghetti again but we have no mushrooms and I don't know if we can get any for dinner.
-----Praying for a friend who has very healthy habits but is having hereditary heart issues.
-----Little One got to stay up a later last night. There was a fascination with Alton Brown's "Good Eats." :-) I think it is very visual and Alton Brown almost has a story-telling voice. Little One is seldom interesting in the TV when we are watching it...but lately the holiday commercials have caught attention.
-----I really like the professor for my Informal Logic class (via Coursera and Duke University). So far, he has shown Monty Python clips twice. This class is full of examples and surprises.

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