Sunday, November 25, 2012

-----Seriously, a critic on the Cooking Channel said that a place was good to go for comfort food on the weekends because "on the weekend, you're hungover." I did some quick Googling and apparently a lot of people decide to go to oyster bars when hungover.

-----There is such a thing as Mad Dog Watermelon? At one point, I found a list of "bum wines" and started a very short-lived adventure in which I intended to try all of them. My adventure started and ended by buying a bottle of RedGrape "Mad Dog (Mogen David)20/20" taste made my tongue numb. It would take a lot to convince me to try Mad Dog Watermelon.
~ ~ ~ I think it was where I found that list. "Some test subjects report a slight numbing agent in MD 20/20, similar to the banana paste that the dentist puts in your mouth before injecting it with novocain."
~ ~ ~ I looked around and found that Watermelon is apparently a flavor of Mad Dog 20/20. There are several flavors and I will be trying NONE.

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