Saturday, December 01, 2012

-----On the East Coast, we are officially in December. Today is the day I full-scale start Christmas stuff with our toddler. :-)
-----Little One seems to really like Alton Brown.
-----I have decided that next year will be a Multiple Meat Thanksgiving. This means I can't decide on turkey, duck, goose or, I am going with as many as we can afford.
-----Did anyone else have Facebook take their cover photo down and then give them a warning about commercial or promotional photos when they went to put up a new one??? My homemade minestrone, which I was going to share the recipe for eventually, was in no way commercial or promotional. Someone seriously misperceived the intent of "details to follow?" The photo is still in my cover photos but with the description I wrote removed. I don't know if I will be putting up Les Mis wallpaper now. Sigh.
-----Things that don't sound good to me...Buckwheat Feta Burgers with Parsley Sauce.
-----Thank goodness, a porkchop cocktail has no porkchops in it. I came across such while looking for a porkchop recipe to go with the Roasted Cauliflower and Mushrooms that I am making next month. I am surprised that I am starting to enjoy porkchops.
-----Next year, I hope to make this "Hot Apple Cider Toddy"recipe. This year, I thought about gifting Husband with "The Kraken Cider."
-----I am venturing into making Garlic Chicken Spaghetti again soon. The last time we made it the sauce was awesome but had a runny-ness to it that was a total letdown with every bite. This time,we will be using a combination of a Taste of Home recipe and one that I found on I am still tweaking this around.

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