Saturday, November 10, 2012

In My Life.....

-----Found that my eye problems do have some hope. Oddly enough, I need to go to a pediatric ophthalmologist  These visits will very likely be frequent, expensive and frequently expensive! Pediatric ophthalmologists are the only eye doctors with enough education to possibly help adults with true alternating exotropia (one eye is always going out).
-----I want to try "cusabi hamburgers." Recipes vary but cusabi is basically ranch dressing, cucumber dressing and wasabi. Hmmm.
------I really do need to get on reading "Pearl S. Buck's Oriental Cookbook." My mother loves this author. Maybe I can find some recipes in here that can be modified for a diabetic/heart-healthy diet.

-----Getting our homeschool environment ready. We are going to do homeschool for pre-school. It will be something like the environments that people create when doing "Montessori at Home." I am excited.

-----Little One got a new pair of fuzzy slippers yesterday....wanted to wear them immediately but has to wait until later when we take pajamas off. They are yellow, sock-like and have frogs on them.
-----Temporary tattoos are a fun thing at our house right now. We did airbrushed stars and the moon at a craft festival after a parade earlier in the season. Now Little One has a pink star and a purple star. There are 19 more tattoos in the package and each is supposed to last for 2 weeks and 2 days.
-----Trying baby oil gel for after Little One's baths. I love the smell and benefits of baby oil. I have never used it in gel form before.
-----The apples I have been eating are too hard. They are perfect with leftover McDonald's tangy barbecue poured on a little at a time. I have strange habits.
-----I am making Ranch Roasted Potatoes tonight. If we don't have Hidden Valley Ranch Dressing Mix in a cabinet somewhere, I do have a recipe for making homemade ranch dressing mix.
-----I am taking a class on informal logic that starts soon. I have studied some of this before and find some of it useless. We shall see.
-----Possibly getting my hair trimmed today. :-)

-----A friend lent me "The Wounded Spirit" by Frank Peretti. So far, I would recommend this book for anyone who has been bullied or abused.


Annie said...

Love the page you referred to here with all the homemade mixes. Thanks.


:-) I love doing my own mixes...always tastes better and most of the chemicals are absent. :-)

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