Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Are you ready for Thanksgiving Day?

I am annoyed....really annoyed that Pinterest has not let me edit boards for two days. Hampering my future Thanksgiving recipe organization.
If you are curious, here is my Pinterest account.

A recipe I am trying for Thanksgiving this year:
Cinnamon Sugar Cake with Brown Sugar Cinnamon Buttercream. A pretty double layer cake. The first double layer cake effort by me in a little under twenty years and I have never been taught to do frosting pretty (only functional and yummy). I am hoping it turns out looking nice.
~ ~ ~ I need to figure out how far ahead I can make it. I am timing it around taking care of Little One and all the Thanksgiving-uber-oven-usage that will be going on this week. :-)

On the Maybe List for 2013:
-----Onion Mushroom Stuffing. It is described as moist and not too solid.
-----White Castle Stuffing. For the amusement factor.
-----30 Second Sangria. For breaks during the days of meal prep.

Next year, I will definitely be making this really awesome green bean casserole that our friend came up with. I just need to hunt around for the recipe which is lost somewhere in the depths of my communications with him. Best green bean casserole ever. If I remember correctly, it has a lot of bacon. :-)


Amber said...

I love Pinterest! I have found so many new recipes and craft ideas :)

I think it's great you have a list of things you are praying for and also a praise list. What a wonderful idea!

Visiting from ICLW

Annie said...

Hi Blue. I was just looking at your Pinterest boards. I noticed that some have a 2013 date. Is this for planning? If so, good idea.


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