Sunday, November 25, 2012

"How Campus Racism is a Postelection Reality." One wonders how much of this undercurrent will come to the surface as Obama's second term progresses.
---There was mention of a Black Student Union (which is inclusive of all who want to join) and possible attempts to start a White Student Union. I think there would be much scrutiny and criticism if any campus succeeds in having an (inclusive) White Student Union.


A Passage to Baby said...

Excellent article. So sad that these things still regularly go on (especially here in the south.) Thanks for sharing.

Visiting from ICLW (#7)


I was raised in an area with a lot of gang/drug activity...or, more accurately, drug-motivated gang activity. I understand how some prejudices come into being when you only see or hear of certain races engaging in some activities and you hear/see that from a young age. It is the parents' responsibility to help children see beyond this. These changes all start with someone gently showing others that no race is "all the same"...either good or bad.

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