Sunday, October 14, 2012

Coffee and Food.....

-----One coffee shop is banning strollers and laptops (among many other things).

-----I am planning on trying this tailgating recipe...Bacon S'mores. I don't know whether I will like the flavor combination.

-----"Sneaky Ways Restaurants Get You to Spend More." I noticed but never made the connection when restaurants started eliminating the dollar sign from menus.
Burger Barge was the last non-fast food restaurant we went to (really non-fast as it is always super,super busy). I recommend the "Cheese Blobs" as an inexpensive and yummy appetizer. The "Dock Sauce" (chipotle mayo) is great-I ate the "Double Dare Ya" burger.

-----I found this little booklet FREE on Amazon for Kindle PC. I am not on this type of diet, but some might find it very useful. "Going Paleo Without Going Broke."
Note: In case you don't know, the Kindle PC download is FREE. :-) I read from it frequently. :-)

---Another Kindle for PC FREE download: "25 Low Fat Vegetarian Meals."

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