Tuesday, October 30, 2012

In My Life.....

-----I haven't been able to find a recipe for an Apple Guinness Cake. I know that such a thing exists but haven't been able to find the recipe. Any hint of this recipe is lost in a sea of ways to make chocolate Guinness cakes. At least, I did find a recipe for Chocolate Orange Guinness Cake (it even uses fresh orange juice).
P.S. The icing looks yummy on the Chocolate Orange Guinness Cake. :-)

-----I am almost caught up with this season's first three 90210 episodes. There is a song that I would like to find from the third episode....it is kind of loud, bluesy and the lyrics are something like "no,not today, there's hell to pay." It is sung by a woman vocalist. I have searched all over but no listing of the song has appeared yet.
Update: I found it. I could do without the video but I love the song. It is called "I Don't Want to Wake Up" and is by Ivy Levan. It can be listened to (legally) for FREE here.
Warning: For those sensitive to language. The song says "all f----- up" in relation to drinking several times and says "hurting like a mother."

-----Oh the joys of doctor bills. At least the charge for my thyroid testing was reasonable.
-----Little One is always wanting to have "dip." I have needed to establish that water does not make a good dip. Pizza pockets dipped in water, anyone?
-----Little One has started saying "bless you."
-----Little One also says "not funny." This started by seeing something on the television that we were watching and a little voice saying from the playpen "not funny...not so funny...not too funny."

-----Looking for a potty chair was not easy but I think that I found one.

-----Something very exciting may be happening!!! It is something I have been hoping about for years.
-----Our weekend/Halloween plans both seem to have fallen through. We had important things to do during those times including one of Husband's performances. Sigh.
-----We had a very enjoyable dinner. Family and those we think of as family. Pot roast cooked in beer, a mix of scallop and four cheese potatoes, corn and a pumpkin pie.


Annie said...

I see your problem. I looked around too. Perhaps you can find a similar recipe and do some substituting.


I am looking for clues to find something similar. At least "Fruit Guinness recipe" did turn up fruit cake. :-)


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