Thursday, October 25, 2012

In My Life.....

-----Some toddlers would ride in the cardboard food boxes with cutouts on the side. Ours does that...and puts it around head and says "Bumblebee." (Transformers)

-----It is supposed to be potential tornado weather soon. It is pretty safe where we live...but they are sighted. I would like never to see a tornado or large funnel cloud again. I survived a tornado in a previous place we lived (if I had been standing about five feet away from where I took shelter, I might not be writing this). A couple of years after the tornado came through my dwelling, I had a scary experience in a car with a large funnel. Even a hint of tornado skies makes me nervous. Sigh.

-----I found a book that I would like to get for my mother and my friend who just had a sarcoma removed. It is called "There is No Place Like Hope" and is filled with little bits that are meant to encourage a person through the cancer battle.

-----I wish there were a trusted major retailer whose pharmacy made deliveries. This would be very helpful with my thyroid medicine.

-----News that I thought was IMPOSSIBLE on the thyroid front:
Though I have the anti-thyroid antibody (my thyroid is trying to kill itself), I am currently somehow testing at low numbers I thought were statistically impossible. I am on the highest dose of medicine I have ever been on and thought for sure I was soon going to be on a much worse dose. I am hoping these results continue and feel so blessed to have it happen this way. I hope this is not some sort of weird anomaly that is part of the doctor's previous certainty that my thyroid was a very active process of dying out. If my thyroid dies, then I will be completely dependent on the medicine that I take.

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