Saturday, October 13, 2012

In My Life.....

-----I have been reading more about the speed limit increase to 85 mph that goes into effect on October 24 on a toll road in Texas. I was reading that some truck drivers are concerned that they are not able to drive vehicles safely at this speed.
-----I currently have limited internet connection....sigh. At times, there is no inernet connection. I am downloading Kindle PC again and it will be taking me 43 minutes! I have to go back to Best Buy for a better network adapter.
-----I am learning to call ahead everywhere we go. Though this is a pain, I am finding that a lot of businesses (especially banks) have changed or eliminated services/hours and not bothered to update on the internet. The economy is still tough.
-----I have a fascination with British recipes. Once Kindle for PC is reinstalled, I will be downloading a free Ebook that I found about traditional British Jubilee recipes. It is a four book collection about cakes, puddings, scones and biscuits. The conversion charts for measuring ingredients are included.
-----Little One is napping and Husband is sitting next to me at his own desk and typing a song that he is writing. I really should go get a drink of water and then figure out if I am going to lie down and rest. I have been battling a sinus headache most of the day.

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