Sunday, October 28, 2012

At the Zombie Apocalypse Picnic, I will be bringing the Bacon S'mores.

"Zombie Face"
Licensed photo by embepe.

The strange things one thinks of when they will always need a medicine. I have the anti-thyroid antibody which means my thyroid is trying to die out. I am not 100% dependent every day on my thyroid medicine yet (and I hope never) but the doctor has given me a survival timeline for if I were not able to get it.

The strange thought: If there were a Zombie Apocalypse, nuclear war, civil war or other extreme survival situation where pharmacies no longer existed, I would be eating a lot of bacon, roast pork, hamburgers, steaks.

Why the specific food choices? I would have to learn how to manufacture thyroid medicine from the throats of pigs or cows.

Still there is a problem: I would need some sort of doctor or stocked up tests to find my "numbers." Unless I had a physician friend or a home thyroid level test that actually gives results, sooner or later my numbers could be out of balance in some bad way.

Conclusions: My chances of surviving a Zombie Apocalypse are, in many ways, not good but I would have some nice last meals.
If I succumbed to a "Night of the Living Dead" zombie that doesn't just go after brains, maybe they would still be cognizant enough to appreciate the fact that my thyroid tasted like bacon and filet mignon.

-----George A. Romero: "Who Says Zombies Eat Brains?"

-----Bacon S'mores recipe.
(No brains or thyroids involved.)

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