Sunday, October 28, 2012

And another thing (Douglas Adams-ish reference there)....I just don't get Catholic nuns. If Christ wanted a bride, I am sure he would pick one and not 800,000.

Note: This comment was not intended to offend or incite. It was a question that was on my mind today. Discussion is welcome.


Thomas said...

"Independent Women" are a fairly modern invention.

It wasn't that long ago that a woman had to have a man, either a father or a husband, to look after her.

I think by "bride" they just meant the church was acting as their guardian.


Interesting and insightful point about the fact that society has often thought a woman needs a man to be caretaker.

Well...the whole Church is supposed to be the bride of Christ. I just think it is misinterpreted by some orders who actually have wedding ceremonies, wear rings, etc.

I do agree that the church acts as their guardian but not necessarily that it is what some of the orders are trying to convey...but maybe you are right when I think about it.

There is much about how some Christian religious groups and divisions of groups add to what is in the Bible that disturbs me. The things some of the religions do are not necessarily is just that they then attribute these things to having come from a religious text (Bible or otherwise) that they obviously did not.

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