Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Texas has raised the speed limit to 85 on one of their busy highways!
So they get higher toll venues and do not take the cost of human lives into account. If the limit is 85, then people who push the envelope above the 5-mile leeway will be going in the nineties or, in some cases, worse. Way to make the bad drivers even more dangerous.


Thomas said...

I remember when the speed limits were all 55, and everybody said "If I could just drive 60, then I'd be happy…"

The truth is, if the speed limit was 200, everybody would drive 210.


Yes, there are some people I refuse to drive anywhere with. Of course, in some peoples' minds when they get into an accident it is always the other person's fault. I know there are statistics on both sides of the speeding debate...and it is the speeders who are bad drivers anyway that freak me out with the passage of laws such as this.

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