Friday, September 07, 2012

In My Life.....

-----We went to a restaurant called "Burger Barge" with Brother-in-Law. They had a pretty extensive menu. I had the "Double Dare Ya" which was amazing....yummy chipotle-mayo "Dock Sauce." The fries were good and Husband could tell they weren't cooked in any kind of soybean oil (allergy). The appetizer we all shared was Breaded Luciano Cheese Blobs with Ranch Dressing...Little One thought these were great and contemplated drinking the dressing. The view of the Illinois River and the dock was beautiful. Ducks wanted peoples' food. Little One got to play in the sand. I will have to post some of the photos.
-----Little One went on a walk with a friend of ours and picked an apple. :-) More and more tiny bits of fresh apples are being tried by Little One. Most of it gets spit out but I can tell they are more of an enjoyment each time.
-----Little One and I met the members of the Christian band "The Skies Revolt." We also met their awesome (and huge) dog who gets around on only three legs.

-----Little One was dancing to Sean Michel music. Little One really has moves. Also used a living room table and the back of a SUV for drums repeatedly. Very musical. I hope we find a good drum set for a toddler sooner or later here.

-----Kudos to Fingerhut. I bought a power supply that does all sorts of other things a few years ago when I thought I was going to need it for blogging at Cornerstone Festival. I wrote it off as not working or not working very well do to a part that broke during shipping. That fuse might have to be replaced but the machine works so well! It only took a few seconds to jump our friend's car. :-)
-----I have to take the final for my World Music class soon. This last week is about Cuban music.
-----In about 3 days, I am starting a class that is a survey of large amount of poetry. What poets do you like and/or find their work powerful?

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