Tuesday, August 28, 2012

In My Life.....

-----The Sustainability course I have been waiting for has started! I am easily learning some of it...and then there are the equations.
-----I think the student loan people have fixed an issue with paperwork. I hope so. Never take out student loans if you can find a way to avoid it. This is another reason why we will be trying to give Little One an excellent home education...we want to have Little One not need that expensive piece of paper (that is seldom worth the stress and financial-shackling). We want Little One to have a better education than is typically given in the American school system. Hopefully, our Little One will be able to do anything of interest and be own boss if that is what is wanted. We are blessed to have a lot of good friends who are (good) teachers.
-----Today, like most days lately, I took a nice long walk with Little One. A rock that was shiny on one side was found. :-)Little One sort of has a rock collection...some get put back as we walk places and some get lost. Little One especially likes the rocks that have to be dug up a little...first discovered this by finding one outside the back door of the play hut.
-----I can't help but wonder about some people when nothing they ever do is original....their whole life and life's work is stolen from someone else...and yet they feel superior to everyone they have copied and pasted their life from. Just when you think they have changed, you realized they have just found different people to emulate (and likely ridicule). Do they even realize this is how they live life? :-(


Annie said...

Last part sounds very personal. How are you settling in to your new place?


Settling in well. Thank you for caring so much...it has been very appreciated.

Anonymous said...

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