Sunday, August 05, 2012

Could I Become a Tone Death Tuvan Throat Singer?

I am taking a course via Coursera called "Listening to World Music."  It is  being taught via a professor from the University of Pennsylvania (Penn) Ivy League institution. This week, we are discussing Tuvan Throat singers.
I am preparing for the quiz early as I am somewhat tone death. I found this out almost twenty years ago and I am sure it is much worse by now. My singing voice (though definitely not my speaking voice) is an alto which is the lowest part that women usually sing. Unless I have sung a song for years, I am apparently a very monotone alto and cannot even hear the issue! Lately, I have been noticing some improvement in noticing that I hold notes too long or short (on songs I  thought I had been singing correctly for a couple of decades).

The quiz also involves identifying the sounds of instruments. MAYBE that will be easier.
I just hope I don't get every question wrong!

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