Monday, July 30, 2012

Aurora shooting :-(

Charges will likely be issued against the Aurora shooting "suspect" today. I am trying to be charitable and consider the idea that this person might have a mental condition that played a large part in their actions. It is hard for me to have compassion though as I feel so badly for all the children injured or affected...and the 6-year-old and her unborn sibling who are DEAD. This person has brought more fear and vulnerability into the world.

On Twitter, I have started the hashtag #WWBD.
What would Batman do?
Batman wouldn't shoot people.

Monday, July 16, 2012


I borrowed a book called "Teaching the Bible Creatively" from the lending library at one of the Churches we attend. This is a big subject to me. Whatever one's beliefs, great care to have dignity and respect should be taken when sharing. A child will eventually come to their own conclusions and the teaching that will speak loudest is probably their parents' actions.

A small Starbucks will be opened inside a South Carolina funeral home.

An Ohio woman celebrated her 90th birthday by riding on a rollercoaster. I wonder what I will be capable of doing at that age.

4. Our golden ticket arrived. :-)
Now I am figuring out the logistics of going to Kentucky. :-)
About 8 years ago, I had our names put on a whiskey barrel at Maker's Mark. The whiskey has matured and the (golden) ticket to get them arrived. We get to buy two bottles from the batch. They will have special labels and we get to dip them ourselves.
One for a wedding anniversary and one for Little One's 21st birthday.

5. Other stuff in my life:
---Little One got first hula hoop. They are used a lot at musical events we go to. Little One said "hula hoop" right away at the store and got to give the cashier the money. Dollar stores that carry hula hoops=win. :-)
---We are trying to come up with gas money to attend a prayer meeting, visit some of Little One's godparents and some relatives. We always make trips multi-purpose.
---Pig roast, Staycation and Vacation. That was busy.
---Husband's performance at the very last Cornerstone Festival went well. I would have liked to go but it was so HOT and I/Little One do not deal well with humidity. They had a Viking Funeral (burnt a large ship art piece on the lake).
---I was promoted to a "Reviser" for DarkestGoth Magazine.
---I got everything right on my second quiz in the "Listening to World Music" that I am taking via Coursera. It was primarily on the musical anthropologist Appadurai and the musicologist Krister Malm. Husband finds the word "musicologist" humorous.
---We had a really good watermelon outside. At first Little One wanted to take Batman out with us (Little One calls it "Bat Bowl" reference to the bat symbol). I asked if that was what Little One wanted to do and instead of nodding, Little One did something Little One does when a suggestion is particularly happy...looked at me and said the laughter sound "hee, hee." :-)
---Little One got to put on Little One's first/new Batman shirt later in the day of the watermelon. I often wear a Bat Symbol t-shirt and that is where the "Bat Bowl" thing got started. Little One can almost say "symbol" when saying the word all by itself.

Italian Amaretto Margaritas On the Rocks


I was at this performance! Awesome. A true cover instead of copying someone's style.
I would like to find out what lyrics he used. :-)

Below are photos that I took a the same event...
a private concert by bands for bands.
Derek Zanetti of Homeless Gospel Choir

Simon Björn
"Ringmaster" of the band Dark Valentine

Chocolate-Mascarpone Brownies

9. Madonna is being sued for repeatedly picturing a swastika on the forehead of a French who is far from a Nazi (but people who are uninformed now might think she is).
Hopefully, this is just a case of not doing one's research...definitely not a wise way to make a statement.
I wonder if the feelings of the woman pictured in the video were taken into consideration...and I can't imagine they seriously were. :-(

10. African Musical Echoes
This post is a work-in-progress. :-)

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