Friday, June 08, 2012

The Bachelorette, Week 1.....
Can I learn a thing or two about love from pop culture?

What it is really like to be on these shows.
"However, the Bachelorette/Bachelor is paid a hefty sum for starring on the show."

No, this is not the 'greatest adventure of her life' could be the start of one of the greatest adventures of her life. From my understanding, being shot in Emily's hometown of Charlotte, Tennessee, she actually gets to go home to the greatest adventure of her life so far...her young daughter, Ricki.

---10 Things About Sean Lowe.
---David's singing is not bad but I would get annoyed if Husband sang about me like that too often.
---Chris seems pretty open about his faith.
---If the shoe fits, you must acquit...sorry, I couldn't resist.
---I am sure Emily will remember Randy and Kalon's entrances forever. Kalon reminds me of Christopher Reeve.
---Hmm. Does this show prove that it is possible to have quality time in five minute increments?

I am watching this comments are in-progress.

---Wives' Top Complaints About Husbands

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