Wednesday, June 27, 2012


Sounds like it should be the name of a band. 

2. CARS:

Strangely awesome cover.


Warren Zevon is one of the people that I find inspiring. He led such a full life (in the interview portion above, for instance, he says that he was once a coroner). What inspires me about him is how he overcame addiction and how he conducted himself during the illness that eventually took his life.



-----Picnic Berry Shortcake recipe. In a jar. :-)
-----Chocolate Orange Pie :-)
-----Jamie Oliver's Chicken in Milk recipe. It sounds unusual but the blogger who posted t said that it was so good. We are trying it next month.



2006. B-side of Bat Out of Hell III single.
Note: There is much debate about what "Black Betty" refers to.


11. In My Life:
Little One and I made Daddy this for Father's Day. :-)
-----My in-laws went to Church with us on Father's Day.
-----Little One now says "Bible" (as of Father's Day) and "yellow."
-----We took Little One and my Mother to a museum. We had a ball and now every time Little One sees Grandma's picture Little One says, "hug!" :-)
-----My Mother is now on a pill to substitute for the chemo as .there were difficulties with the line that delivers chemo. This new treatment means that she has toPlease continue to keep her in your thoughts and prayers.
-----I encounter five people all the time that I have to encounter (professionally, family, family friend, whatever) who EVERY action I see them take is SELFISH, RUDE, HAVING ANOTHER AGENDA or PURE EVIL. Often, of course, their actions are all four of these horrible things. Grow up or leave everybody around you alone. Anyone else have people like this that just get on their last nerve?
(Know that you are a seriously messed up individual if you know me in real life and even begin to think this part of the post is about likely is about you).
-----Life is full of awkward when you think your child's camouflage flip-flop is lost in your yard. Thankfully, it fell off when we brought one of the dogs in to make sure she didn't overheat. I think we will just wear the camo flip-flops for sidewalk adventures now.
We made this Taco Dip Dragon/Dinosaur
The one in the recipe was abstract...
ours was obviously more abstract. :-)


Imagination...the people who made this certainly had it.

-----Well that is interesting. :-) A Darth Vader Princess costume. Who would have thought? Some of my neices might like this. :-)


This post is a work-in-progress. :-)
I will get it all formatted where it needs to be (i.e. centered and taking out all the spaces that Blogger keeps adding) soon. :-)
UPDATE: I didn't finish this one. Growl. I will start a new one for next week.

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