Saturday, May 19, 2012

Saturday 9.....

1. How do you feel when you realize that an impasse will cause a relationship (any type) to end?
This is usually friendships with me and it is usually because the other person has some extreme behavior. I feel relief and know that the dissolution of the friendship was for the better. I wish people would change and that things like this could be different.

2. You’re planning a trip that would be an eight-hour car ride, a four-hour train ride, or a two-hour plane ride. With money and time being no object, which would you most likely choose and why?
The train and making sure that it is a sleeping car. The beauty of the scenery, the great food, meeting interesting people and having a lot of room to move around would be ideal. So much less stressful than navigating by car or worrying about plane crashes or TSA's intrusive procedures.

3. What is your ideal past time on a lazy summers day?
Spending time with my Little One, Doggie and Husband. I want to get a hammock at some point. We will be doing a lot of sidewalk chalk drawings as soon as I figure out where I packed away the chalk (I used to use it to write Husband messages on a little chalkboard long before our Little One was born). Photographing flowers. Leisurely traveling....last summer we had a perfect moment where we ate our peanut butter sandwiches in the sun at a picnic table next to the turkey rocking horse at Wild Turkey Distillery in Kentucky.

4. Name a CD you own that no one else on your friends list does.
Many of my friends are Christian Goth and I am very eclectic. Hmmm....let me get out my CD binder. This was a good question as my CD binder needed a dusting (I don't use it very often as I listen to things like or Grooveshark). For amusement, I will definitely be asking my friends if they own any of these CDs. :-)
My Blips. :-)
---A burnt CD from a member of a discontinued band called August Zimbal. I have a couple of their CDs and a pretty t-shirt.
---Midnight Oil's "20,000 Watt R.S.L." This is the CD with "Beds are Burning" and "Blue Sky Mine." My Twitter friends from Australia are always amazed that an American has even heard of this band.
---A "Rip.Sample.Mash.Share." CD from Wired Magazine. If I remember correctly, it has the Beastie Boys on it. I am going to be listening to this in a couple minutes.
---Elvis "Girls!Girls!Girls!"
---Robert Plant "Now and Zen." I love "Tall Cool One."
---"Beethoven and the Sea." I am going to give this one to my Mother soon.
---The soundtrack to Grease 2
---Bob Dylan "Love and Theft"
---OMG "How Bizarre"
---Some Bach and Brahms in German that I can't decipher. I will have to figure out who gave this to me or do some research to figure out what it says.
---Gato Negro "7 Year Bitch." I have no clue what this is....a friend gave it to me when they moved. I will listen soon.
---Adam Ant. "Wonderful." It would be wonderful if I ever get to see him preform.
---Primitive Radio Gods "Rocket." Found on the side of a highway.
---The two Woodstock 99 CDs. Includes an awesome version of Kid Rock's "Bawitdaba."
---Pat Benetar "The Very Best Album Ever"
---Another Pat Benetar CD that is untitled. Track 2 is "Invincible" from the movie "The Legend of Billie Jean."
---Meatloaf "Welcome to the Neighborhood"
---Meatloaf "Blind Before I Stop"
---"Crash Course: An Introduction to Marillion"
---"Forever Yours." Songs that people play at weddings.
---A "Legendary Elvis Presley" CD set
---El Cancionero de Medinaceli. Spanish music from the Renaisance (ca. 1535-1595).
---Two CD set. "The Best of Andrew Lloyd Webber."
---MTV "The First 1000 Years"
---Disney's "The Ultimate Swashbuckler 10 Song CD Collection." A present from Husband.
---A Sugarcult CD with no title on it  I used to find CDs on the highway.
---"Intro to the Morning 40 Federation"
---A Remy Shand CD that a friend gave to me when they moved
---"Celtic Love Collection." Songs inspired by Titanic
---The Commitments Vol. 2. Some music from the movie plus 7 other tracks.
---Celtic Shore
---Robert Palmer "Heavy Nova"
---Vienna Master series, Meditation Vol. 2. Massenet, Gounod, Chopin, Bruckner, Mahler, Schubert
---An Alice Peacock CD from when she toured with Mellencamp. I met her and she autographed the lyrics booklet.

5. What's a wish of yours?
---That Little One gets to know my Mother long enough to remember her. My Mother has Stage 4 Breast Cancer.
---To visit the Cincinnati Zoo.

6. What is something your going to do a lot of this week?
---Praying in prayer groups (and otherwise, of course). 
---Reading some books that I  borrowed from the Church lending library.
---Planting. We have a LOT of vegetables, some morning glories and lupines that still need to be planted.
---Menu planning. 
---Inventorying pantry,fridge,etc. 
---Playing with Little One and Doggie.
---Movies with Husband. Yes, I think it sounds great for this upcoming week to be our Movie-ist Week of All Time. :-)

7. Is there someone you wish would just fall off the face of this earth?
No...but I wish they would change or stay far away from me.

8. What did you do last night?
Rested after a very humid day that made me feel ill. Ate Rainbow Pasta with Alfredo Sauce.

9. Where is the next place you'd like to go vacation?
Our planned trip elements (in no particular order):
Exploring more of the Bourbon Trail. The Creation Museum (yes, that in the Bible). A music festival in Kentucky. A ministry event in North Carolina and seeing the ocean. A  ministry event in Chicago and visiting JPUSA (Jesus People USA). Visiting a friend who lives in Kentucky. Enjoying another Jet's Pizza  with a garlic crust. Hopefully, at least part of the last Cornerstone Festival. A Trader Joe's trip. A wedding party on a beautiful lake. Hopefully, my first visit to El Pollo Loco and actually eating at a Popeye's (people have brought it to us before). Hopefully, real Cincinnati-style Chili. Finally, visiting an awesome friend in Wisconsin. The Iowa State Fair. Visiting the Surf Ballroom (the last place where Ritchie Valens, Buddy Holley and The Big Bopper preformed before the tragic plane crash).   


Annie said...

I relate, in a very personal way, to your question of ending a friendship. I had a friendship of 30 years that became so toxic that I had no choice but to walk away. It's impossible to condense such a decision down to just a few lines but suffice it to say, the decision was abrupt, painful, and even after six year, still holds echoes of sadness and regret for what was lost. Worse though was the realization that what was lost was never there to begin with.


You described what happened with me and one of my friends pretty exactly...though it was not thirty years but a long time that we had been friends. I still miss them and wonder how they are doing. Sigh.

I am sorry this happened to you. Hugs.

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