Tuesday, January 24, 2012


1. In a traditional Dragon or Lion Dance, the loud drums and cymbals are thought to chase out evil spirits. How do you do YOUR traditional Dragon Dance to drive out any evil in your life? (Do you dance with dragons?......or just old Elvis records....inquiring minds want to know)
I dance to music that usually helps....I have eclectic music tastes so it can be anything from Glen Miller to John Lennon to the Aggrotech band "Grendel." Sometimes taking a shower helps. When angry, I tend to start cleaning and cleaning and cleaning. I try to attend two online prayer groups each evening.

2. Have you experienced any good or bad omens this year?
I do not believe in such. As far as how the year is going....it has been mixed. There have already been many blessings and good times. There have been some less-than-nice people. I am worried about my Mother.
 ---I have decided to look into joining MADD this year. Our New Year started with great fun but then turned scary. We (myself,Husband,Little One and our good friend) were heading home from Walmart where we had gone to walk off the dinner we had at a diner...it was about an hour and fourteen minutes after midnight and the roads were pretty much EMPTY. All of a sudden what we could only assume was a drunk driver came halfway into our lane. They were doing at least 50 in a 35! Husband would have been badly hurt or dead, if there was a (head-on) impact. I am so thankful that my Husband is a good and quick-thinking driver.

3. I believe that good fortune has more to do with personal integrity, honesty and character than ancient symbolism. Treating people the way you would want to be treated goes a long way in warding off that pesky negative Karma.  Dragons are considered evil creatures according to European culture , but in Chinese culture the dragon symbolizes supernatural power and goodness. Which one do you believe? Or would you rather just try the good ole' Golden Rule.......
I believe in the Golden Rule and wish everyone else did. I do not like people that show no respect for others...especially when you have been only respectful and nice to them.

4. Chinese couples will attempt to have "Dragon babies" in the year 2012. In order to take advantage of astrological predictions of wealth and success, name one thing you should attempt to "birth" that could bring you good luck.
Again I don't believe in such. I want to be super-organized in the things I do online. I occasionally do paid reviews on this blog and I am going to be a deskman for DarkestGoth Magazine which premiers in June. I was going to culinary school in the Fall but have decided it will be best if I continue to pursue that study through my own efforts (which includes a lot of online studying which is easy to get disorganized or sidetracked on). I also may be taking a social marketing opportunity at some point. There is just to much info to keep track of on the computer in this day and age.

5. You are in charge of the Chinese New Year Parade in your town. Who will ride on the first float?
If he were alive, Don Ho....singing "Tiny Bubbles."  Since he died in 2007, I suppose a person dressed up as Snarf from the "Thundercats."

6.  What is your favorite Chinese food?
Kung Pao chicken.

7. Chinese people often think of themselves as descendants of the mythical Dragon creature. Do you have any mythical creatures in your family closet?
None. Little One is particularly fond of his stuffed dinosaur, a Christmas teddy bear and Spot (the dog) from the Eric Hill stories.

My second-favorite dragon sculpture.

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