Friday, January 27, 2012

Gerber has upset us. :-(

This is sad and scary. I am frustrated with Gerber.
I kid you not, I am calling Gerber as I have found what was definitely mold in the lids of baby food jars three times this month....two of those being yesterday and today.

We are now going to switch to Beechnut...but I have at least a couple hundred Gerber jars, 10 Gerber smoothies, a couple Gerber Grabbers and many boxes of the rice cereal. :-(

The moldy-lidded-jars all expired in 2013, all had the "pop" when opened and were stored well. I did notice that the first was hard to open. The second moldy one had a dent on the lid and was hard to open. No other anomalies.

Ham, pears and bananas. I don't know what store....we buy baby food primarily from Walmart but also two HyVees.

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Thomas Alice said...

Wow. It's especially troublesome that it was in three different kinds of food- you can't blame it on a single bad batch that somehow sneaked by...

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