Monday, December 12, 2011


I say ... and you think ... ? 

Dedication :: 
Dedicating a memorial or new building. Dedicating a baby to God. Loyalty. Dedicating a book. Thank for all you hard is your gold watch. A whole volume dedicated to a subject. The Crow being dedicated to Brandon Lee and Eliza Hutton (I was glad to read that she eventually remarried...about 9 years after his death). Some spammers show a lot of dedication...some show a lot of stupidity...many show both.

Dream destination :: 
Vacation "All I ever wanted...Vacation...time to get away." I don't currently know what my dream destination is. I would like to return to Disneyworld and intend to do so to compete in the Walt Disney Marathon...after MUCH training). For a lot of people, their dream destination is some sort of cruise. I would like to be invited to the "White Dinner" in Paris and actually have the ability to go. I hope that I don't get sunburn on any vacation. Unless it was a guided trip, we could not leave the GPS behind! I wish Israel were safe.
Licensed photo. Taken by Aaron Gardner.
On the way out of Blackpool, England.

Games :: 
Leapfrog. Frogger. Burgertime. Donkey Kong. Video games, in general. Little girls playing jacks or jump rope on the playground. People playing mind games with each other and relationships end because of games. It's all fun and games until. Olympic games. Watching "the game." Card games. I like the "Munchkin" games and own three of them.

I have heard good things about an online gaming platform called "Steam" and will be downloading this once I get my own computer fixed.
Note: Some of the things on Steam are FREE.

Hard as :: 
Brass tacks. A Nail. It's only as hard as you make it. Maylene and the Sons of Disaster..."Tough as John Jacobs." Today I  "blipped" AC/DC's "Hard as a -Rock"  and then wished I hadn't after I read the lyrics. Hard as Nails Ministry.

Convict :: 
Escaped felon...jails that don't have good security. God convicting you about a belief or lack of action. Lacking conviction. The men working on the chain gang. I occasionally wonder what O.J. Simpson is doing and  how long it has been since he last played golf. I read somewhere recently that O.J. is very bored in prison.

Submit :: 
A wife is supposed to "submit" to her husband. Submitting a proposal. I have a book called "The Surrendered Wife" that I need to read further.

Alcohol :: 
People who drink too much or drink their paycheck. Rubbing alcohol. Setting alcohol on fire for Steak Diane, Bananas Foster or a flambe.

Clippers :: 
Nail clippers. I have a pair of nail clippers that are missing. Buy quality nail clippers...because a cheap pair breaks easily. Hedge clippers. Extreme couponing. The barber. Edward Scissorhands and Sweeney Todd. Shearing sheep.

Hormonal :: 
Of course, all the stereotypical talk of womens' cycles. Hormones messed up when one has thyroid issues. Raging hormones. Growth hormones. Cattle that have been given growth hormones.

Diet :: 
So many strange diets. The Atkins diet. Something like 40% of cancers might be preventable by good health choices.

 This post is a work in progress. :-) Participants can "take all week if you want."

Speaking of convicts.....
-----Beef Cakes with Spaghetti
-----Egg Pumpkin Pie. the egg is eggnog.
-----Chicken Cheddar Parmesan. Includes pancake mix.
-----Fried Vegetable Rice. White or yellow.
-----Rice Caribbean. I am not sure where to get Carolina rice, coconut cream paste or kipper snacks.
-----Jamaican Stew. Uses coconut cream paste.

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