Thursday, December 15, 2011


1. In My Life:
-----Husband took me to the thrift store for "Quarter Day" and I was able to get two carts of beautiful clothes as my Christmas present. I will have to post photos.
-----We had to cancel both a planned roadtrip and a weekend getaway. :-(  I am hoping that one of these can be rescheduled.
-----I have been missing prayer group the past few nights.
-----Learned that I now much prefer 90% lean hamburger to 80%. I can tell the difference easily...there is much more grease with the 80%. I wish that grass-fed items were more affordable.
-----I am thinking about trying to get on the writing staff for a new online magazine.
-----I have a couple of cans of tomato soup that we were given a while back. I need to find recipes to use these. We might serve them alongside homemade fishsticks.
-----Yes, I think that is the answer for the tomato soup. We finally have a fish market and I am excited to explore it. We will wait until next month and get some cod. :-)


3. Word review for today..."patrimony." In the case of things I read, it means property handed down from one's the sacred burial mounds of the Native Americans.

4. FreddieForADay

5. $1.50 off a bag of Seattle's Best coffee. 
The coupon is for use at Walmart. The expiration date is January 31st. I don't know how long the coupon will stay up (but internet coupons get so popular that they often stay up five days or less).

6. Crematorium may sell body heat from burning corpses.
"While the proposition may seem a bit morbid, the crematorium insists that most of the energy will come from gas used during the cremation process, with a negligible amount coming from the actual bodies."

7. SPIN's 50 Best Albums of 2011
" were musical provocateurs like Kanye West or Lady Gaga supposed to shock anybody when a craven disgraced troll like Newt Gingrich was getting away with posing like a distinguished statesman?"
~~~An album by Britney Spears is 50th. I guess I will be somewhat open-minded and make myself listen to it.

-----SPIN's 20 Best Songs of 2011
-----SPIN's 40 Best Rap Albums of 2011. I don't listen to rap (pretty much at all). I have resolved that I will go through and give each of these a try.
-----125 Greatest Albums of the Past 25 Years
-----SPIN's 40 Greatest Comedy Albums of All Time
-----"50 Mixtapes You Need Now"

9. Pumpkin Gooey Butter Cakes. From Paula Deen. I will try making the pineapple variation.

10. I am currently working on a review of "What's Age Got to Do With It?" by Robin McGraw (Dr. Phil's wife).

---I am closer to 40 than I would like to think about and this book has really got me thinking about it.
---Despite thyroid issues, I am currently in better physical shape than the majority of my childhood classmates. This is not through intentional exercise efforts. I have done a lot of things in my adult life that naturally involved extreme physical activity or that I put a lot of effort into.
---For my birthday next year, I will make something with a big number for the photos. We teach children to be proud of the fact that they have grown ... being proud of your age is a good thing.

11.Stuff that surprised me!!!
---Gary Numan has Asperger's.
---I may have a non-verbal learning disability that was never diagnosed. I feel much better about my higher math problems now. Now that I am armed with this new knowledge, I am trying to figure out what the next step for me is academically.
---Woman accused of trying to cook meth at Walmart. I hope that someone will actually help with her problem now. I would assume she might try this again if no help is offered and she feels she needs meth. I am wondering if she is just the first person to get caught doing this and if there will be copycats.
---I never heard of Richard Branson's "Virgin Coke." It is still available in some places. Apparently, Virgin Cola was product-placed on "Friends" a few times.

At Loveland Castle.
Ohio. August 2011.


Garden at Jesus People USA (JPUSA). Summer 2011

I want to make a bookmark of his.
JPUSA. Summer 2011.

This post is a work-in-progress. :-)


colleen said...

THAT was fun! I had to look up Gary Numan because I didn't know who he was. It was an interesting read.

We use grass fed deer meat here that my husband hunts.

I'd love to see your review of Robin McGraw's book.


Yes, Gary Numan is interesting. I don't agree with him religiously but there are a lot of other things I admire about him.

Wow. You are lucky on the deer meat. When we can afford it, I am getting my Husband a crossbow for hunting.

I will make sure to post a link when I am done with the review. I got the book some time ago but it wasn't the right time to read it until now.

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