Tuesday, December 20, 2011


1. Soup and Stew Recipes:       
-----Heineken Sweet Potato Stew. We made this in the crockpot. Husband is not fond of Heineken so we  used a different German beer...Warsteiner (Dunkel).
-----Roasted Tomato and Pepper Soup with Cheese Sticks

------Spiced Sweet Potato Latkes with Yogurt
-----Conan O'Brien's "Human Centipede Menorah"  was pretty disrespectful.

3. Healthy:
-----Cashew Smoothie

Apple strudel with persimmon sauce made by our Italian Experience students.
They are preparing for their last practical in NYC before they head to Italy.


Humorous little story and great camera work.
This video has more views than the band's official video.

-----I am hoping that a coffee shop which will help mentor veterans gets off the ground and does well. It would be great if there were more shops like this.
-----"Is Your Morning Coffee Run Making You Fat?" (Thanks to Calvin Lee of Mayhem Studios for the link)
-----The "Alarm Clock" at Arcadia Cafe. Interesting. Orange juice with coffee on top. I am supposed to try this at some point and let someone know what I think of it.

-----I am very disappointed that we will not be able to see Adam Ant when he comes to the United States next year. We can't figure out anyone to lodge with and the tour stops are likely to be during dangerous winter weather. It is possibly one of those once-in-a-lifetime things and I would really like to have gone. :-(
-----We had to cancel a weekend getaway in Wisconsin (hosted by a wonderful friend). There was an illness in our family and miraculously our loved one was able to walk out of the hospital after almost dying...so thankful she is alright. Re-scheduling the trip...it will be the fourth time we have needed to do that. Life can be a little like a pinball machine sometimes.
-----I am hoping that I am not going to be let down on another production (one which I have been waiting at least 7 years to see). We are going to make every effort to get there...more on this later. :-)
-----I am reading the Broadway Musical tie-in of "Wicked." Husband got me it and "Son of a Witch" for Christmas I am finding it to be a great read and my Mother really enjoyed the copy I bought her when she was hospitalized. "Wicked" has a lot of bad reviews on Goodreads. Hmmm.
-----I have applied to a culinary school! It will take me approximately 5 years and 1 semester to complete...that is the pace I can move at financially. There is more internship and hands-on-experiences than I have seen at a lot of culinary schools. I have started preparing by reading all that I can online of what is taught and what experiences the instructors bring. I am going to learn as much as I can during this time and might be able to start my coffee shop a few years early!
-----I want to explore the music of Ellie Goulding. Daiv Russell (of Ninja-Nerd.com)  recommended listening to her. I didn't realize I had heard Ellie before until I Googled it and found "Lights"( a most awesome song). This afternoon I have been listening to the acoustic version of "Lights." :-)

8. From "The Wizard of Oz" Facebook page:
Did you know? The "tornado" was a 35-foot-long muslin stocking, spun around among miniatures of a Kansas farm and fields in a dusty atmosphere.

9. Miracle:
One of the 2004 tsunami victims was found alive!  A young girl.

10. :-(
It is possible that there has been an infant death related to the formula Enfamil.  

11. Taco Bell is now charging for lettuce. Of course, they are not charging a minor or reasonable amount.
On a  similar note: I got a Seattle's Best iced coffee at Burger King as part of breakfast when we got my Christmas gifts. There was no indication on the menu or by the cashier that they were going to charge me for every component they asked if I wanted (and I did not see the price adding up on the screen as I was in the passenger seat) . It was excellent...but I ended up getting a surprise when the price was over three dollars!! Never again and I am sending them some feedback about this. I had no clue that Burger King thinks their coffee is worth so much. On the bright side, it was a nice Christmas treat.
(Update: Husband informs me that the coffee actually cost around 5 dollars! I still need to write that complaint letter.)

Taco Bell Chalupa copycat recipe
Taco Bell Limeade Sparklers copycat recipe 

13. Child's Play:
-----After Christmas,  Lego is introducing a new line targeted at girls, I just don't think pastel Legos look right.
-----The ABC scratching game. Not good.
-----Uproar over a pizza slice "gun."

"Old man on a bench in Downtown Disney constructed with Legos. 
If you get close enough to the statue, he actually snores."
Licensed  photo. Taken by Michael Sult.

This post is a work-in-progress. :-)


I am Harriet said...

No way, charging for lettuce?
Sweet potato's make yummy Latkes. I'll have to check out Conan.

Have a great day!


Yes...and the lettuce is 30 cents (the same as the sour cream)!

I am really interested in latkes right now.

The Conan thing was kind of gross and disrespectful. I am sure some Jewish people were offended by it.

Brenda ND said...

Oh, I'd like to try number 3! Thanks. Merry Christmas.


colleen said...

Adam Ant? Still around? I don't think I'd like pastel legos either and I don't like the stereotype that girls want pink.

Good stuff!


Brenda, we are going to try it in a couple of months. Unusual item for a smoothie. :-)


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