Friday, December 09, 2011

Lifestyle changes can prevent 40% of cancers?

"Smoking was "far and away" the lifestyle factor most related to cancer, the study showed, contributing to 23 percent of cancers in men and nearly 16 percent in women. The rest of the factors differed between the genders."


Thomas Alice said...

It's nice to know we have a little bit of control over our own health.

By the way, we do have one unhappy thing in common: my mother is battling Stage 2 breast cancer. My fiance lost her mother to breast cancer six years ago. Maybe sometime we could coordinate posts on this subject.


Yes, I have determined that I am going to develop further goals involving reducing my cancer risks (as far as what I put in my body). This evening when shopping I was particularly happy that we bought some sausages made from grass-fed beef.

Sad to hear that your Mother also has cancer. Coordinating posts on this would be a good thing.

Hugs to your Mother and your family. I hope your Mother beats it and that my Mother's is contained (hers is supposedly not curable or operable...but your never know what God might do).

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