Tuesday, November 08, 2011

In My Life.....

------Yesterday was mainly a good day. I had my first crawfish (and it was apparently funny to see me eat it). Kind of messy. It had eyes and reminded me of cockroaches. The taste grew on me and I am looking forward to having it again.
-----The starter had to be replaced on our car. Expensive. :-( Not a good thing for around Christmas-time.
-----We  are up early this morning and having breakfast and a movie. Hamsteak,over-easy eggs, Hollandaise with Hungarian paprika, and English muffins. We are watching "Thor."
-----We actually started the day out by trying Nutella for the first time. :-) I want to see if I can find a cake recipe using it. I also had a birch beer (non-alcoholic. It is an ol-d-fashioned soda).


Thomas Alice said...

I always thought it was interesting that people will eat shrimp but not bugs, clams but not snails. I guess people like aquatic food more than terrestrial.


I was a bit intimidated by sucking the food out of the head...it looked like the neck might be dirty, it seemed kind of empty and I thought there might be only a certain amount you were supposed to put in your mouth. I was confused and didn't end up tasting what is supposed to be the best part...but i will next time. As long as something is not unsafe or immoral, I try to get myself to expand my comfort zones and try it.

Annie said...

You are braver than I. I'm pretty adventurous about food but anything that looks even remotely like a bug, let alone a cockroach, would send me shaking in the other direction.


Down South, crawfish are called 'mud bugs." I would be very hesitant about actual bugs...but would eat them if I felt they were sanitary.


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