Monday, November 28, 2011

Thursday Thirteen.....


Licensed photo. Taken by Christa Richert
I like this photo as the lettuce looks like a rose. :-)

-----Another bagged lettuce recall.  I am tired of bagged lettuce recalls. This voluntary recall includes Trader Joe's and Safeway. E.coli.
-----Lettuce Link. A program to try to help break the cycle of poverty.
-----Potato Salad Sandwiches have lettuce in them. I will have to try this. Simple and seems like people really enjoy it.
-----Lettuce-Wrapped Plum Chicken
-----PETA wants to put an ad of a woman in a lettuce bikini on an incinerator.


3. I got an e-nail concerning P90X2. The e-mail featured this photo. That looks DIFFICULT.

4. In My Life:
-----Requested the 2012 Burppee Catalog. They are mailed out in December.
-----Unsure if I want to see "Super 8." It sounds kind of boring.
-----Some people are finding my blog by searching for "norcrest porcelain rocking chair frog bank." I will have to look around in my posts and find out why that is.
-----The last visit, my doctor stated several times that my thyroid was pretty much dead. The blood test I just took said that it had improved slightly. I am hoping that my thyroid does not die out (making me very dependent on the medicine).
-----I haven't heard anything in a long time about "A Kind of Magic"...the film in which Sacha Barron Cohen (of Borat fame) was supposed to play Freddie Mercury. I did not think this would work well but reserve judgement. Apparently, Sacha Baron Cohen is a good singer. Could he be that good of a singer??

5.  From my life back in 2007:
-----Earlier this month a raccoon made the mistake of attacking and re-attacking the spunkiest cat in our neighborhood. The raccoon was much bigger but the cat won every single round. Both parties managed to survive. I kept thinking "Thunder, Thunder,Thunder Cat" when my husband came in & told me about seeing this. The raccoon was huge in comparison to the cat.
-----Today I was flipping through channels & saw this horribly acted horse movie. The young girl, who was riding a horse, said, "Steady, girl." I thought that she said "City Girl"...wouldn't that be a great name for a race horse?

6. Recipes:
-----Southwestern Bean Chowder. Thinking about this one for next month. It has a lot of ingredients and some people have commented that it is bland.
-----Apple Brandy Chicken.  Southern cooking. I would like to try this when we can work apple brandy into the budget. Suggestions for a good apple brandy?
-----Slow Cooker Salsa Chicken. One we haven't got around to trying yet.
-----Fresh Apple-Pecan Pound Cake. I like chopped pecans. :-)
-----Roasted Cornish Hen With Mushroom and Apple Brandy Sauce. This involves flambe and Husband is not at ease with us doing that.
-----Pork Chops With Apples and Applejack Cream.  I am not a fan of pork chops but we will try this at some point.

7. Apparently, chimps who throw feces are the more intelligent chimps.

8. "Cat in the Hat" Eco-Plush Toy

9. Learned something:
-----Gordon Ramsay will have a new reality show called "Hotel Hell."
-----I did not know that some places have laws prohibiting sexual offenders from going near public pools. California really took precautions this year at Halloween:
"So this year, as part of the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation's annual Operation Boo crackdown on sex offenders, homeless sex offender parolees in three of the four state parole regions were ordered to report to designated centers to remain there under supervision from 5 to 10 p.m. Halloween night."
-----A "sage gun" fires a plastic bat at the lower body. I read that one was used on someone who would not be compliant for a stun-gun!
-----Isaac Asimov died of AIDS-related complications.

-----Stand-alone novella.
-----Available exclusively as an E-book. This will be a present-to-myself at some point (to read on Kindle for PC).
-----Described as low-priced. I did not look through all the retailers that carry it...but did find it for $2.99 on Amazon.
"It's the mesmerizing tale of Crispin, a twelve-year-old boy who lives wild in the city and has no friend but Harley, though Harley never speaks. Plagued by fearsome memories, Crispin moves in the shadows, through a metropolis both familiar and infinitely strange, evading an evil that also knows the city well and hungers for this special child." 

Congress says that tomato paste on pizza is a vegetable. a ridiculously small amount of tomato paste qualifies as a serving.
Recipes for healthier pizzas:
-----Nectarine and Prosciutto Pizza.  Bleu Cheese might be a little strong for some children.
-----Eggplant Parmesan Pizza. For the adults, this would pair well with a pale ale or amber ale.
-----Black Bean Nacho Pizza. Beer pairing for adults: India Pale Ale or a brown ale.
-----Arugula and Prosciutto Pizza. I have never had fontina cheese or arugula.
-----Mushroom-Prosciutto Pizza. Quick to make. Another that includes fontina cheese.
-----Pizza Bianca With Arugula, Bacon and Mushrooms 
-----Green Pizza. Broccoli and arugula. Spinach can be used for something milder. Uses pesto...I am a big fan of pesto.
-----Pizza With Caramelized Fennel, Onion and Olives. Includes 4 cups of chopped fennel bulb and kalamata olives.
-----Spinach and Sun-dried Tomato Stuffed Pizza. Good for dipping in marinara. Includes tofu (a no-no at our house as Husband is allergic to soy and I should avoid it).
-----BBQ Chicken Pizza. Includes tomato chutney. How to make your own tomato chutney is explained (it can apparently be a hard-to-find ingredient).
-----Quick Pizza Margherita
-----Turkey Pizza. I wish it looked more appetizing.
I will be finding pizza recipes that are considered healthy (for one reason or another) as a form of protest until this "vegetable" decision improves.

12.  Might be on our menu soon:
Easy Slow Cooker Pork and Sauerkraut 

13. I would like to try the "Mincemeat Cream" chocolates that I found on There are two brick-and-mortar locations that I might be able to get to and try this at some point. :-)

".....a creamy center filled with pieces of citron, raisins, lemon peel, orange peel, glace fruit, brandy flavoring, spices and English walnuts. Covered in rich dark chocolate....."

This is a post-in-progress. :-) Hmmm. OK...I never did finish this one.

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Along with Burpees, you might also like to request a catalogue from Seed Savers. They have fruits, vegetables, and flowers, and they tell you how to save the seeds for next year. It's free.

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