Thursday, November 17, 2011

Thursday Thirteen.....

1. "Knit a Sweater, Save a Penguin." How to help he penguins who were victims of an oil leak in New Zealand.


3. Free download of Kid Rock's album "Born Free." For those in the military and must have military e-mail.

4. The Total Body Support Pillow, This might be helpful for someone I know with fibromyalgia.

5. Money:
-----10 "great" deals that usually aren't.
-----Some restaurants want to (or now do) charge if you do not show up for a reservation. One restaurant actually charged the full prix-fixe of $165 per person!

Huggies Camo Diapers

7. Various homemade Hamburger Helper ideas.
Chili Mac. Strogranoff. Potato Beef Casserole. Quick Lasagna.

8. "Diary of a Bipolar Breakdown"

9. "And the Doctor Said....." :-)

10. All-Dixie Deep South Potato Salad recipe

11. How was your Halloween?
Mine was drawn out...full of stops, starts and postponements. Missed both of our planned trips due to having colds and not wanting to weaken immune systems further..
---Staying home wasn't all day Husband wasn't there and I indulged in my very own guilty vice...macaroni and cheese from a box (Husband detests it). Made rice pudding. Listened to a lot of Mar Poppins music.
---Still had not gotten the pumpkin carved Halloween night. It was kind of nice having a pumpkin in such good condition to light on the nights after Halloween...we called it "Scary Pumpkin Time." When the pumpkin rotted, we had our annual "Pumpkin of Sorrows Toss" where we right everything that upset us on the pumpkin and then toss it from somewhere high.
---My brother came to visit when we weren't contagious anymore.
---Husband tried to bob for apples but the pan was too small. He was a good sport and posed for photos with the apple anyway. He choose a 2009 Berringer Cabernet Savignon as his prize.
---Among the things I missed was a Halloween masquerade to benefit The First Church of The Living Dead. Our friends, the Christian band "Dark Valentine," were performing. Husband went and took this awesome-do-not-copy photo of Simon.

12. German:
-----Neat German shooting range.
-----"The Gummy Bear Song." Long German version. "Three times you can bite me."

13. Copycat recipes:
-----Taco Bell seasoning. Wondra is carried at our local Walmart.
-----Cadbury Creme Eggs. I don't like the corn syrup though. I am finding that a lot of things might be possible substitutes for the corn syrup...including sugar syrup.
-----York Peppermint Patties



Lady Rose said...

I could use a body pillow about now - feeling like I need a nap :)

happy thurs 13


I know what you mean. Sometimes I do take naps. :-) I am not sure how comfortable that pillow would be to me though...maybe.

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