Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Conrad Murray Sentencing.....

Michael Jackson's former doctor was sentenced to the maximum term....though he will likely serve only half of it.

I hope that he uses some of this time to reflect on what actions could have been taken to help Mr. Jackson.
I also hope that this does not discourage him from trying to do something to bring good into the world.
I pray that, at some time in the future, he is a financial support to doctors that heal.
Maybe he will be able to encourage doctors to take greater precautions in what they do.

Up until this incident, it could be argued that Mr. Murray seemed to have good intentions (and certainly a very impressive resume).

Hugs to Michael Jackson's children, family and loved ones.


Thomas Alice said...

I can't agree that his intentions were good. To me, it looked like he took unfair advantage of an addict. He was paid WAY more than most doctors, because he was willing to provide drugs and services that ethical doctors would not.

I hope he comes out of this a better man. Maybe some time alone will help him sort out what his life should be.


I am actually not sure about his intentions either. He may have let finances or something else distract him. I think a lot of people in today's society might have the same kind of actions if they were in his place . Unfortunately for him, a tragedy happened on his watch. I think that he can still make a continued contribution to the world...if he is determined to do so.


I worded it as "it could be argued" because the previous financial issues make one wonder on intentions. I don't think an educated guess could be made without info on how financial debates were being handled or knowing Mr. Murray.


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