Saturday, November 05, 2011

In My Life.....

-----Still very excited about Husband's Christmas present that arrives this week.
-----Cannot find the camera bag. Weird.
-----The air conditioners are coming out of the windows this week. Pretty sure it is now permanently cold. I detest winter.
-----Had to bring blankets out for Scary Pumpkin Time (lighting the Jack-O-Lantern for a bit). It was cold outside.
-----Working our way through a variety pack of clearanced Halloween candy.
-----I was reading today about chocolate. It has a chemical called phenethylamine (PEA) that is a mild mood enhancer. Apparently Montezuma really thought it was helpful....he supposedly drank 50 cups of chocolate before lovemaking. Sadly for Montezuma, chocolate is not an aphrodiasiac. I wonder what all that chocolate did to his health (unless he didn't drink it often).

~~~Montezuma Cake
~~~Montezuma. Drink recipe. This is not another drink by the same name that calls for a raw egg yolk. Adapted from Patricia Lousada's "The Ultimate Choocolate Cookbook."
~~~Cafe Ole Montezuma Pie
~~~Montezuma's Hot Chocolate. Includes a recipe that serves 25.
~~~Montezuma Beans
~~~Montezuma's Hot Chocolate Sheet Cake
~~~Montezuma's Revenge. A guacamole recipe.
~~~Montezuma's Revenge.  Drink. Beer and tequila.
~~~Montezuma Stout. This is for homebrewing.

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