Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Thursday Thirteen.....

1. Authentic Lebanese Tabouli. I was supposed to find tabouli recipes as one of my nutrition goals for a class Husband and I are taking. This is the one we are going to try.

2. The chances of another recession are getting greater. 

-----Carbon dioxide leak is to blame for a death at a McDonald's. I agree with the person who commented that there should be carbon monoxide detectors (and that they are very inexpensive). It seems like this tragedy could have been easily avoided.
-----Pesticide contamination constitutes illegal trespass? This case could set some interesting precedents regarding crops.

4. I like that Spring Grove Cemetery (Cincinnati) has "Grief to Peace" gatherings.


---A dinosaur that carried its young like a mammal.
---Dinosaur Food. A cookie recipe.

6. There is a song called "Origami Codpiece".....
---I don't think that would be very effective.
---Curse: May you play an aggressive game of dodge ball while wearing an origami codpiece. :-)
---Who puts their microwave on top of their refrigerator? I hope they are VERY careful with hot liquids. Space-saving vs. SAFETY. This is one idea to conserve on space that I will not be using...about as ridiculous as trying to use an origami codpiece. :-)

7. Angry Birds mooncakes

"A bus station is where a bus stops. A train station is where a train stops. On my desk, I have a work station."

9. "Ultimate Toys for Super-Rich Boys"...some of them were not as frivolous as I thought they would be.

10. Journey of the Soul

11. California couple fined for holding Bible study in home.

12. A report that listed  the most corrupt members of Congress. 
" .....public perception suggests that members of Congress will become more corrupt the longer they stay in Washington....."




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Thomas Bryner said...

My fiance (Mona) is Lebanese, and that recipe is pretty close to how her family makes it. They use less onion, put olives in it, and serve it ice-cold.

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Thanks for the comment, Thomas. I will make the adjustments you spoke of when we try it. I am currently hooked on Greek Black Olives...though it takes a little more work as you have to get the pit out.

I have to find some Greek Olives that are not preserved in soybean oil though (my Husband has allergy problems with just the soybean oil that is left on the olive when you take it out of the jar). Like many allergies, it would seem that his are getting worse with repeated exposures. :-( Sad and hard as soy is used so much in the U.S.

Cornelius Sewer excavation said...

I assume you made certain nice points in features also.

Adelle Laudan said...

I am in shock over number 11. Shaking my head here... sad, very sad.

i beati said...

11 and yet children were stolen and killed all week and other sufferings glad they had time for this.

Alice Audrey said...

They play like Apocalyptica. Interesting basses they're using.

CountryDew said...

My microwave sits on a shelf over my stove. There was supposed to be an upper level cabinet there but I had a shelf installed instead. It is not as high as a refrigerator top, though.


Yes, it is ridiculous. I have been following this issue...they did not park anywhere that obstructed, were very quiet and tried all sorts of things to please the neighbor who is complaining. From what I have read, this kind of law would also apply to things such as Boy Scout troops meeting in the home. They are supposed to pay a fine, get a permit, pay for studies of the environmental and traffic impact and get wheelchair access.


i beati,
The lawmakers should definitely be concentrating on more important areas.


My fave by Apocalyptica is "Ion." I found the instruments they were using interesting, too.


I stayed at a hotel recently where the microwave in the kitchenette was over the stove...that worked out surprisingly well. If it had been a smidgen higher though it would have been hard to see. Obviously, not a good arrangement if you are not very tall.

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