Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Thursday Thirteen.....

1. The world we live in:
-----2 times in the past month, I have visited a place where there was a shooting shortly thereafter. Scary.
-----There are a lot of people living in their storage places??
-----"The no-kids-allowed movement is spreading."

Thank you to Hungry Hobo for the awesome light dinner. This Quad Cities and Galesburg restaurant chain ran a promo recently for a free regular sized sandwich. Pictured above is Husband's sandwich. I had a turkey-ham-provolone with tomatoes,mayo,lettuce and onions. We shared a pop.
---Afterwards, we went window shopping at a video game store and idea shopping for replacing the broken car stereo at Best Buy (cheaper than Walmart but you can find usually find whatever cheaper online). Several years ago, we used to buy things at Best Buy but it is expensive and by the time you rack up "points" the points have expired.

Dollar Tree (and various stores with similar names) are having a votive recall.
---I could not easily find a recall section on the Dollar Tree website (if there is a recall section). I have Twittered and Facebooked asking them about this.

-----I guess I am the only one annoyed by Facebook's "Sponsored Story" feature. Or the only one still complaining about it.
-----Google is supposedly going to delete all non-public profiles at the end of the month!
-----All the stuff one has to go through to post from the Huffington Post onto Twitter is annoying.
-----The "Lord of the Rings Trilogy: Extended Edition" is on Blue Ray. We don't have a Blu Ray player. I am wondering if it is available in other would be nice if the commercial would let us know this somewhere.

5. Events:
-----"Slutwalk" is refocusing conversations on rape.
-----Farm Aid 2011 artists announced. I would like to see Mellencamp again and I have never seen Willie Nelson perform.

6. Burglar enjoys meal at city hall. Should be interesting to explain about the pictures on the wall when he has to go to court.


-----Google's Plus 1 Button is already more widespread than Twitter's Tweet Button.

Brooke Shields as Morticia

10. FOOD:
Benihana chicken art. I have never been to a Benihana.

11. I LIKE:
-----I like that I am now seeing lane closure and detour info on Mapquest.

12. MY UNCLE PASSED AWAY THIS MONTH. He was a very, very kind man. If you see this and want to, do something kind for someone else in memory of him and those like him....I would like that a lot.

13. Number 13 was an episode of Hell's Kitchen...temporarily removed for now as Hulu seems to be causing loading issues.


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