Saturday, June 25, 2011

Thursday Thirteen.....

1. The times we live in:
-----A man has robbed a bank to get medical care.
-----Internet French Kissing Machine. 

2. On September's menu:
-----Peach Vinaigrette Salad Dressing.  The only ingredient we should have to get is the peach. I am not sure what salad we will put this with.
-----Three Bean Horseradish Baked Beans. 11 of the ingredients are things that we normally keep on hand.
-----Coconut Blueberry Cake. If we continue to stock the pantry properly, the only things that we will have to buy are the blueberries and a lemon (to grate the peel).


My Life in a Blog Book Promo from Bob Adams on Vimeo.
A new book. Among the discussions is "coming to Church as you are." I have seen people either ostracized or kicked out for actually following that invitation from some churches.


5. 3 Day online community for Christian gamers.


Not Even Death.  June 26, 2011. Galesburg, IL.

 As We Grow
Raising Olives


Marco Polo's involvement with pasta is a myth in some way? I must investigate.

Off now has a clip-on mosquito repellent (so you don't have to spray).

10.  To Whom It Concerns:
-----Dear Legacy Visa....I will not be accepting a card that charges a 29 percent interest rate and starts out by paying you. No thanks.
-----Yuck. I understand being proud of child's poopy in the toilet. Must you post a photo of them smiling next to it on Facebook? My poor brain

Flower arrangement at in-laws. The photo is tilted sideways because I like it better that way.

Some of the ingredients for "Summery Avocado BLTs" that we made. :-)

13. Registering nipples as a weapon?
---Drunken Ohio Woman Sprays Authorities With Breast Milk. I find the breast milk part of what she did humorous (though I would not want to be sprayed with any sort of bodily fluid). I hope she is able to get the help that she feels is needed.
---This is not the first "breast milk assault" and I am sure it will not be the last. In 2010, another law enforcement officer was squirted (and had to go through a "bio-hazard decontamination process"). When I was posting about this particular incident on Facebook, the thumbnail for the breast milk assault came up with an image of William and Kate.


A Kwee Life said...

Those are good. I want to try one of those avocado BLTs now :-)

CountryDew said...

The dress codes at churches, spoken or not, are one reason why I stay home. I don't even own a dress.


A Kwee Life-
They were really good. We did not do the drizzle of oil and the extra salt (on the tomatoes)...still SO delicious. Definitely something we will repeat. :-)

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