Monday, May 09, 2011

When you pass away, your ashes can be pressed into a vinyl record for loved ones to play.


Thomas said...

I've seen companies that will compress your loved one's ashes into a little diamond. That's kind of a neat idea.

But personally, I just want my ashes scattered to the wind.

Pete Seeger's former bandmate Lee Hays wanted his ashes mixed in with the garden compost pile, and even wrote a little song about it that Pete used to sing in concert: In Dead Earnest. (I don't know if they really did it or not.) :D


I actually sent for a brochure on the diamonds at one point. I could not brooch the subject with some of the more dramatic the idea was never used.

I want to have flowers around me and feel it would be best if I am just buried in the ground in something biodegradable. I do not like the idea of being buried in something biodegradable...but I will not be here to mind.

Being buried in a compost pile is kind of nice too...if I feed sentimental roses or something like that. It's probably illegal, I suppose.

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