Sunday, May 15, 2011


We tried the three flavors of Magnum Ice Cream Bars that are carried at our Walmart. I do not know how much the single bars are...but the three-packs are $3.28 where we live.
---I have read other reviews and noted that the three-pack can be priced as high as $4.99.
---According to my Google search, Magnum Bars are carried at Target. We will have to see if more flavors are carried.
---There are many varieties of Magnum sold around the world. I think it would have been interesting to dine at the Magnum Cafe.

My tasting experience:
---My fave was the Dark Chocolate. This is what I was looking forward to in the first place. I was surprised at how much I enjoyed this. The chocolate covering was not at all dry like some bars of this type.
---Second favorite for me was the Double Caramel. I knew that I would either really enjoy this or find the caramel/sweetness really overdone. The Double Caramel tasted great and wasn't messy.
---The bar I was leery of was the Double Chocolate. Most of the time, I do not like the way chocolate ice cream tastes when hard frozen. While I enjoyed the ice cream when it was softer (fresh from the car), this bar was surprisingly still pretty good to me when frozen.

---Sometimes, either after eating or at the very end, it seems like there is a little too much there and it causes a chocolate aftertaste.
---I wish that our Walmart carried the Almond.

---For some reason, I like the box that they come in.
---Gold wrapper :-)
---Short stick

Thanks to my online friend Tammy for recommending these. We will definitely be having Magnum bars again during the summer heat.

-----Ivanka Trump launches Magnum in Canada. I think the launch could have done without the lingerie. The interview with her was interesting.
As I am typing this, I am watching Celebrity Apprentice. :-)

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