Saturday, May 21, 2011

In My Life....

-----I have been thinking about this for a while...I have decided to try to start both honoring the Sabbath and doing the modern-day observance of Sunday being a day of rest/worship.
-----On Facebook and here on my blog, I have started finding a Biblical painting to put up Friday (and leave up until the end of Sunday). This has been interesting as it is reminding me of more obscure Bible passages and teaching me about various artists. Beautiful paintings.
-----I saw a tweet today about maternity wedding dresses. Apparently, some companies, including David's Bridal, now have at least a small maternity line.
-----The world did not end today. I wonder what Harold Camping will say about that.
-----I read the other day that currently more Americans favor than oppose gay marriage.
-----The air conditioning has been turned on since yesterday. With air conditioning, it is 75 degrees indoors right now...and hot outside (but with a nice breeze at the same time and comfortable in the shade). To counteract the bill caused by air conditioning and to take a break, we are only doing meals that are no-cook or crockpot until the end of summer. Lunch was thinly sliced chicken, mayo and dijon on large dinner rolls.
-----Finished eating the Slow Cooker Spaghetti Bolognese. Excellent. Ours had a large quantity of garlic. This recipe means it when it says that it is a large quantity!
-----Leonard Nimoy was at the Dallas Comic-con today. I wish that I could have attended. 

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