Monday, April 11, 2011

I is for Ignorance.

Well. Some aspects of life have been getting stressful lately...and, of course, those causing them to be this way are blissfully unaware. For the letter "I", I have decided to be brutally honest. Some people are intentionally hurtful and know that they are being so...yet don't know how deeply their efforts to prove they are the "winners" in life affect others.

If you are reading this and it is about you...I am sure I can expect more backlash. Perhaps you just think it is about you...there are a LOT of ignorant people in the world you know.


Specifically my problems:
-----People treating me as if I were stupid or "retarded" due to my eye problem. This is something that occurs when I go in public...often. One would think that people, especially some of those who are related or "friends," would realize that they are not the only one doing this. I try not to show it but this does have a cumulative effect.
-----Those who think the whole world is a competition and everyone is a stage for that competition.

I cannot get into more specifics about "ignorance" without causing World War III in my life...but I wish that this kind of behavior would just stop. Still one can only change one's I am living my life and giving myself and others experiencing ignorance a big virtual hug.

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