Friday, April 01, 2011

Ultimate Blog Party 2011

Welcome to my little portion of the's just getting started. I will be putting up bits of entertainment all, virtual food (recipes),etc. :-)

Enjoy some martinis:
Black and White Martini 
Mango Martini...I am willing to try it though I don't usually like mango.

There are other drinks,too:
Polar Bear-supposed to taste like a peppermint pattie.

On the playlist:
People are People by Depeche Mode
Root of All Evil by Abney Park
Lordi's "Devil is a Loser."  Lyrics
Cish Cash by Basement Jaxx. The only song that I like so far by them.
Evil by Interpol

Party idea that could be interesting:
---Eastern European Grilling Party
Romanian Steak....perfect recipe for us to try. We love things flavored with olive oil and are big steak fans. Steak with lots of garlic and portobellos is always a win. This recipe is from the Food Network show "Melting Pot" and the episode was called "Eastern European Grilling Party."

Not on the menu:
Frog legs. I really, really like how they taste but only the upper joint of the hind legs are served. Frog legs sound very wasteful and I think that is disrespectful  to the animal. I do not know of any other culinary use for, I will not be including them in my diet (or my party food). 

Ultimate Blog Party 2011


Julie said...

Yippeee! Happy partying!


Happy partying to you,too. I will be around to visit your blog shortly and thanks for the comments. :-)

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