Friday, April 22, 2011

Q is for Quarter Pounder.

-----Cajun Turkey Quarter-Pounder
-----Quarter Pounder in the Raw Burger. It is a raw foods recipe. The recipe does not include soy (good for us as Husband is allergic and I should avoid it).
-----Quarter of a  Pound Cake. Uses mace (an ingredient I have never used before). I am reading "The Art of Eating" by M.F.K. Fischer and there is at least one recipe in there that uses mace.
-----In the U.K., Birds Eye makes a chicken quarter pounder. The chicken is marinated and has a rice coating. That is unusual looking.

Funny. Parody of Rebecca Black's "Friday." At the end there is a remake of the conversation about the fast food burgers (including the quarter pounder) from the movie Pulp Fiction. Primeday is actually a day of the week in the Star Wars universe. 

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