Sunday, April 10, 2011

H is for Haricot Vert.

"Haricot vert" is French for "green beans." Haricot vert are longer and thinner than American green beans typically are. Of course, given how regressive it is where I live when it comes to culinary ingredients, haricot vert can no longer be found where I live ( I find myself saying this about some needed/wanted ingredient several times a month).

-----Haricot Vert With Shallots. On the Smitten Kitchen blog....which, in case you don't know, is a great food blog.
-----Haricot Vert With Herb Butter
-----Haricot Verts Lyonnaise


Sharon - Grandma is a Writer said...

I have never heard of Haricot vert but it sounds like it might be an heirloom variety. Where do you live that you can't get things you need?

Praying for your mother!


I don't know that it is really an has been within the last four years or so that they have been phased out around here.

I blog anonymously, so I rarely mention place names. Things are constantly being silently phases out of the stores here...occasionally for political correctness (i.e. veal as many think it is cruel). More often, I think the phasing out has to do with the economy and the fact that the stores judge things as being something most will not miss.

I have to go out of town or to several stores to ever find some items. Cranberries, whole cranberry sauce and duck are now only carried at the Holidays. We had to go to four stores in order to find a duck recently and Walmart only had 3 of them available around Christmas. We can not find lamb,marscarpone or orzo. The latest casualty is can a major grocery store not have pistachios???

I find a lot of things online but do not always have the money to get them. Occasionally, we consider moving....but mainly we want to find more ways of getting ingredients and step up our urban farming efforts.

Thank you for the prayers. Hugs.

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