Tuesday, April 05, 2011

A pharmacy up north. :-)

I have sometimes wondered if getting prescriptions from a Canadian pharmacy would be beneficial. Fortunately for me, the medicine that I need is VERY low cost at my pharmacy (after insurance we pay $1). Of course, buying prescriptions from Canada might be very useful for some people and I always find it interesting to learn what the different medicines are for. During the past few days I have been exploring Canada Drug Center's website.

I learned something that surprised me while writing this review. My online friend Thomas mentioned in the comments that it is technically illegal to import drugs from Canada into the United States. As I live in the United States, this site may  never be beneficial for me but I am continuing to write the review as I am sure some reader might find  Canada Drug Center helpful.
----I looked the laws up and it is complicated. On the positive side, it looks like this law may change at some point to allow legal medications in.

buy Effexor.  Effexor is used to treat depression.
buy Nexium.  Nexium is used to treat GERD.
buy Fosamax.   Fosamax is used to treat and prevent osteoporosis (in both women and men).
buy Actonel.  Actonel is another medication that helps with osteoporosis

I personally have to take Levothyroxin as I have several thyroid issues. This medication is sold on the Canada Drug Center website....so, I am bookmarking it for if the laws ever change and if the price goes up here. 


Thomas said...

Technically, it's illegal for Americans to import drugs from Canada (LINK). It's rarely prosecuted, but that still makes me leery…


Really?...well that's the end of that post. I hope that when people tell their physicians they are getting medicine from Canada (as is mentioned in the FAQ), the physicians are letting them know this.


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